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RBL Riders Branch

Royal British Legion Riders Branch
The Royal British Legion Riders Branch comprises members from all over the UK as well as Europe, Northern America and Australasia. We’re brought together by our enthusiasm for motorcycling and our willingness to support the aims and charitable efforts of The Royal British Legion. We have members from the Royal Navy, the Army, the Royal Air Force and the Royal Marines as well as those who have not served, but wish to support the aims of the Royal British Legion through the Riders Branch.

Our current membership is 5889 members (April 2014) and our recent contributions to the Poppy Appeal stand at £139,529.40 (2011/12) and £133,381.83 (2012/13 latest figure).

To find out more about the RBLR, collar me at a bike meet or ride-out, or contact your nearest Regional Representative.

RBLR manages a Community page on Facebook and there are a number of other pages managed by regional groups. There is also an unofficial group where members and supporters from all over the world are encouraged to meet and discuss relevant topics: RBL Riders (Unofficial).


Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
The Reme Association is an organisation of members, former members and families whose aims are: to foster the esprit-de-corps and well being of the Corps; keep those who have served in or with REME in touch with one another with a view to keeping alive a spirit of comradeship; establish links between the serving and ex-Service members of the Corps with a view to helping the former during resettlement from Service to civilian life; and to help, in conjunction with the REME Benevolent Fund and other welfare agencies, both serving and ex-Service members of the Corps and their dependants who find themselves in difficult circumstances.

I’m a member of the Association by virtue of my son, Mike, who’s a serving soldier in the Corps.

To find out more about the REME Association, collar me at a bike meet or ride-out, or contact your nearest branch.