Web Design

This section is currently under construction. Please bear with me whilst I organise my favourite Web design links for publication.

Web design and hosting, and other info about this site:-

  • Web design uses WordPress, a powerful Web design package with hundreds (thousands?) of free ‘themes’ which allow you to customise your site to your heart’s content.
  • Web hosting is from FarByte who provide some of the most competitively-priced packages I’ve found, domain name registration services and a 24x7x365 support desk which was very helpful when I was having problems with DNS.
  • My previous domain name registrar was Freeparking who were also very good.
  • I was getting my page hit counter from Counting4Free but my antivirus has taken a dislike to it, reporting "Access has been blocked as the threat Troj/JSRedir-OE has been found on this website". I’m now using StatCounter instead as it’s simple to use and completely free.
  • Visitor tracking is courtesy of ClustrMaps and is also free of charge.

If you discover any broken links on this page, please fill out this contact form or email me and I’ll fix them as quickly as I can.