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08-Dec-2012 : Training ride #9

Tutor: Stephen Wilkinson-Carr. Distance: not recorded.

05-Dec-2012 : Accessing the Visual Basic Environment (Excel)

Save your workbook before you proceed any further. If you’re using Excel 2007, you’ll need to make sure it’s saved as a macro-enabled workbook (*.xlsm). Keep this copy as a backup: VBA code can be extremely destructive and there’s no Undo facility to fall back on!

Select Developer > Visual Basic from the Excel menu bar to open the Visual Basic Environment (VBE) or press Alt-F11.

The VBE comprises four main types of window:-

Project Explorer: a tree view of […]

02-Dec-2012 : RAF Defford Café, Croome Park

A cold but dry and sunny morning, so Dave Walsh and I took the opportunity to get the bikes out and go for a spin. From the Longford Inn, Gloucester, we went up the A38 to the old RAF Defford base where they’ve opened up a café and visitor centre (click for more info). A cappuccino and a bacon butty – very nice! Distance: 40.0 miles.

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